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Every organization is confronted with the need for digital transformation, which means cloud applications and mobile work become the new standard. Unfortunately, traditional security solutions fail to secure this mobile and cloud-first world. But how do you secure the new digital workplace? And how do you meet the challenges of new legislation, for example the European GDPR?

Identity & access management

SecWise helps you to develop and implement a rock-solid Identity and Access Management strategy.

Identity and Access Control is the first and most important control mechanism that you as an organization should have in order to ensure, in all circumstances, that only authorized people have access to certain apps and data and to prevent a digital identity from being stolen.

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Cyber-attack prevention & protection

Every organization, large or small, is confronted with sophisticated forms of cyber-attacks, such as malware, phishing,... Due to the digital transformation, the perimeter to protect is getting bigger.

SecWise helps you protect your organization against advanced cyber-attacks by working out the right processes and by implementing security solutions that can detect suspicious behaviour. This allows you to respond quickly to threats and limit the effects of an attack.

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Information & data protection

SecWise helps you protect your sensitive data throughout the data lifecycle, both inside and outside the organization, and ensures the implementation of data compliance solutions, such as GDPR configuration.

In the cloud-oriented and mobile world of today, business information is created and shared on different devices, apps and cloud services. Being able to implement and enforce information protection rules adds a layer of control to the way your sensitive business data is used and shared within and outside the organization.

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Device Management

As your organization moves to the cloud, the device landscape changes as well. End-users are more mobile than ever, using a wide variety of devices. BYOD strategies are widely adopted. Device management already proved itself with the easy enrolment of new devices, managing configuration policies and server configurations,...

From a cyber security stance, device management will empower your security strategy and execution. The numerous devices or endpoints provide an interesting attack vector for malicious counterparts. Having a solid device management solution, integrated with your endpoint protection, will give you an important advantage.

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Our experts

The SecWise team of experts is fully focused on the implementation of the Microsoft Azure Cloud & Mobile Security portfolio, the Enterprise Mobility & Security suite, Microsoft Defender ATP and the Office365 Data Loss prevention, Advanced Threat Protection and Cloud App Security tools. We design Azure IAAS/PAAS security architectures and offer advanced threat hunting services.

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We work in close collaboration with Microsoft, are a Microsoft Certified Partner and offer you state of the art services in line with your security and compliance needs.

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