21 Oct 2019 Protecting corporate data with Windows Information Protection

As users can access data from anywhere, it is a lot tougher to protect this data, especially for BYOD users that are accessing corporate data from their personal devices. Microsoft has built Windows Information Protection (WIP), to help organizations easily protect their corporate data accessed from unmanaged devices. WIP allows you to define and enforce policies to apps.

13 Mar 2019 Azure Active Directory: IAM for the future

When talking to customers about Microsoft 365 security, we often kick off with reviewing the security of Azure Active Directory. Whether you are using O365 (E1 or E3), Intune (or any other product from the EMS Suite) or Azure IaaS and PaaS services, you already have Azure Active Directory! In this blogpost, we highlight the most important Azure AD features that you should be aware of.

19 Feb 2019 Microsoft’s Cloud Security license bundles demystified

Microsoft is and has always been keen on offering multiple options to the customer to acquire their different tools. The only downside to this strategy is that it is often complicated to find the best fit from a customer’s point of view. Therefore, we’ll demystify the license bundles in this blog, focusing on the different security solutions in the bundles.

15 Nov 2018 Windows Defender ATP versus traditional antivirus solutions

Many organisations are considering Endpoint Detection Response (EDR) solutions, to improve their security posture against the many threats of today. In this blog post, we explain why your traditional antivirus (AV) solutions cannot cope with the actual threats of today and why Windows Defender ATP would be an excellent alternative.

27 Sep 2018 Microsoft as a security vendor?

Microsoft as security vendor? Are you serious? Microsoft does have a long history with security. This blog might help you understand why we at SecWise believe that Microsoft Security solutions can help many customers with their security challenges.