Device Management

(Mobile) Device Management, a necessity

Your users are constantly moving outside the network perimeter of your organization, using a whole range of devices for both professional and private matters. Always being connected is the new normal. We often see professional devices (such as corporate laptops) being used for private matters and vice versa (for instance smartphones).

It’s hard to manage and secure your environment if you can’t control who is using which device for what purpose in the first place. A compromised device (malware-infected, for example) in the hands of a lawful user is still a big security risk. The wide variety of devices in use (Android versus IOS phones, Windows versus Mac PCs) adds an additional level of difficulty.

SCCM or Microsoft Intune?

We guide our customers in the choice, management and setup of their device management. Since Microsoft offers two tools, SCCM and the new Microsoft Intune, we help you decide on which is best for you. Our facilitating best practices show the best solution depending on the scenario (do you use mobile devices or laptops, server management or both,…).

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