Identity and access management

Identity and authentication

As your organization moves to the cloud and embraces enterprise mobility, the security strategy must start with a highly secure internal identity. When we talk to customers moving to the cloud, we realize that people are still mainly concerned about ‘network security’ during their journey to the cloud. The reality, however, is that when you switch to the cloud, ‘identity’ becomes your most important control area, it is the basis of the new perimeter which needs to be protected.

First line of defence

The boundaries of the company are no longer and can no longer be the limits of your own organization. Having a strong identity and access strategy and solution is crucial for balancing security and productivity and this is the first line of defence.

Strategy and implementation

SecWise helps you to develop a correct identity and access management strategy, and to implement Azure Active Directory, Microsoft’s Identity & Access Management solution. With possibilities such as conditional access, risk calculation for users and sign-ups, multi-factor authentication and privileged identity management, we can help you secure and restrict access to your valuable data.

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Cyber security assessment

Improve the cyber security of your organisation. In a five-day assessment, we do a fit/gap analysis en give you clear-cut recommendations.



SecWise Watch

SecWise monitors, analyses and keeps track of your cyber security environment 24/7, resulting in short response times when there’s an incident.



SecWise Connect

A recurring three-day assessment in which we get you up to speed about the latest cyber security threats, tools and options in Microsft 365.



Security Awareness

During our Security Awareness program we raise your employees’ awareness of cyber risks to deliver you an iron-clad defense.