Case story: FIT

SecWise secures FIT’s cyber-doors to prevent attacks

In 2015, Flanders Investment & Trade launched an IT strategy to systematically switch to the cloud. With headquarters in Brussels, five offices in Flanders, and 70 offices with over 250 employees abroad, this was quite a task. At the same time, in addition to traditional centralized perimeter security control, attention also had to be paid to decentralized cyber security. After conducting various security audits and evaluating several security applications, FIT opted for the Microsoft 365 Defender suite. “Not only does this solution lend itself very well to our cloud-only approach; Microsoft also scores very highly in security benchmarks”, says IT Team Manager, Kurt Spitaels.

What are the key take-aways?

  • FIT switches fully to the cloud
  • The organization secures its cloud-only approach with the Microsoft 365 Defender suite
  • FIT now has a much better overview of all its security and any possible breaches

Remarkable numbers

  • FIT implemented all M365 Security components
  • 400: employees now work securely in the cloud
  • 5: months for all devices and cloud servers to be protected by the new security solution

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