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Cyber security assessment

Enhance your organization’s cyber security. In a five-day assessment, we approach your current defenses with a fit/gap analysis, focusing on your cloud exposure. You get recommendations, an actionable roadmap and a futureproof cyber security design.



SecWise Watch: 24/7 Monitoring as a Service

SecWise monitors, follows-up and analyzes your cyber security environment and alerts. We make sure that the time between the detection of a security incident and a response is as short as possible.



SecWise Connect: stay ahead on cyber security

In our recurring three-day assessment, we help you keep track of the cyber threat landscape and new features and tools available in your Microsoft365 security suite, so your cyber security is always up to date.



Security Awareness: alert employees

From a technical perspective, your IT security may be in order, but your organization can only be truly resilient if your employees are aware of cyber risks. Our Security Awareness program offers digital trainings, phishing simulations, immediate feedback and dashboards, etc.



Cyber Security Assessment

Challenges of modern cyber security

Today, the traditional network security approach is not sufficient anymore. Many IT security technologies are not equipped to deal with new threats, introduced by BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), new cloud services every day, growing Cloud Shadow IT, users and data constantly moving outside of your organization perimeter for both professional as private matters, and so on. Zero trust is the new normal.

Five-day assessment

SecWise’s five-day Cyber Security Risk Assessment helps you understand the cyber security threat landscape and maps this to your current defences. We do a fit/gap analysis on your defence ‘as is’ versus the threat landscape and risks, especially regarding your cloud perimeter. At the end of the five days, you get recommendations, a ‘to be’ cyber security architecture design and a roadmap, based on the Microsoft365 security ecosystem or on Azure Iaas/Paas cloud security best-practices, depending on the focus of the assessment.

Why get a cyber security assessment?

  • You get an overview of the current cyber security threat landscape
  • You gain visibility into your security posture with an overview of your potential risks and threats
  • You get an actionable roadmap based on risk prioritization, tailored to your business and priorities
  • The assessment is executed by SecWise’s certified Cyber Security Architects, your trusted advisors in cyber security
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SecWise Watch: 24/7 Monitoring as a service

Why security defence tools alone are not enough

In the modern digital workspace, protecting your data, identities and devices is a continuous challenge. Malicious actors don’t stick to a nine-to-five schedule and are always trying to find new ways to breach one’s security. Since not all alerts are automatically remediated by your tools, you need to keep a watchful eye on them. Stealthy or new types of attacks must be analysed and recognized as security incidents, to trigger the appropriate response.

Continuous protection

Our security analysts monitor, follow-up and analyse your environment and ATP (Advanced Threat Protection) alerts 24/7, to make sure that what is detected is handled appropriately. We also guide you on what the right remediation is in case of a cyber incident.

Why choose SecWise Watch?

  • Cyber security is not only about having the right technologies and tools, you stay secure through expert security monitoring
  • Your cyber security is monitored 24/7
  • You get in-depth status reports
  • You can get expert guidance on remediation in case of an incident
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SecWise Connect: stay ahead on cyber security

Keeping your cyber security up to date

Cyber security is not a one-time effort, but an ongoing exercise between people, processes and technology. Using the right tools is important, but you also need the appropriate mindset of continuously wanting to improve. You must keep track of the new features that are constantly being added to Microsoft’s security solutions, to stay ahead of the game and make sure that your security operations playbooks stay up to date.

Recurring three-day assessment

SecWise continuously reviews the configuration of your environment, and keeps track of cyber security evolutions in general to make sure your organization stays ahead of the cyber war game. In our recurring three-day follow-up assessment, we further enhance your organization’s cloud security maturity level by fully taking advantage of the features of your Microsoft365 security solutions.

Why choose SecWise Connect?

  • You stay up to speed with the cyber security threat landscape
  • We perform an evolutionary analysis of your cyber defence setup ‘as is’ versus the new features and tools available
  • You get an actionable roadmap, tailored to your business and priorities, including quick wins
  • We give you recommendations based on the Microsoft365 security ecosystem and your internal security operations playbooks and processes
  • You can take full advantage of the new features available in your cyber defences
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Security Awareness: alert employees

The human error factor

Your employees are often the weakest link in the cyber security chain. It’s only when they are aware of digital risks and the importance of securely handling data that your organization is truly resilient against cyber risks. Only one person has to click the wrong link or perform another unsafe action, and the consequences are financial damage, reputation damage and even dangerous situations. This means it’s very important to integrate the human error factor in your cyber security strategy, so your end users stay alert.

Security awareness training through e-learning

For our security awareness program, we are partnering up with This is the world’s largest security awareness training platform with phishing simulations, that helps you combat the ongoing problem of social engineering or social hacking.

Why opt for SecWise’s security awareness program?

  • Maximum impact: clear goals, quick feedback and the end user’s active role contribute to a structural behavioural change
  • Measurable results: through dashboards you have real-time insights into the effect of your campaign, with custom targeting
  • Convenience: you start quickly with an off-the-shelf program or enjoy an all-round customized program, including rollout and supporting communication
  • Latest technologies: with our digital learning pathways, your employees can choose between more than 40 current topics, including the latest security risks and available in more than 30 languages. Furthermore, they are being tested with phishing simulations
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